2018 Senior Expo

May 8, 2018
9 am to 2 pm
Quality Inn and Suites, Ames

Featured Speaker

Phyllis Schrag
“Baseball Preachers, and Funerals”

As a storyteller about small town life, Phyllis Schrag is very qualified.

Schrag grew up in a tiny South Dakota town that measured 4 blocks by 6 blocks. Her reminisces of life in a small town are universal.

She says, “back when I was growing up, we had to make our own fun. We did not have technological toys to entertain us. So we created our own version of baseball’s famous World Series for which we needed every kid in town even the worst players.”

Her personal reflections of the life lesson’s she learned are entitled, “Baseball, Preachers, and Funerals.”

Phyllis is a SD Humanties Scholar whose programs include a wide variety of topics. As a retired public school teacher, Schrag continues enjoying life’s pleasures in her acting, singing, performing, speaking, writing, reading, quilting and volunteering.


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