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Here are our Educational Programs for the 2015 Senior Expo!

Laughter Yoga
Did you know 30 minutes of laughter is like running 3 miles? Laughter Yoga is sweeping the globe. Laughter helps you breathe better, and is the only exercise that massages your internal organs, and in turn relieves stress from your body. This fun and informative session presented by Certified Laughter Yoga instructor Teddy Widdel will introduce you to Laughter Yoga and its benefits.

Stop and Smell the Garbage
Stop and Smell the Garbage is a book for caregivers, written by someone who has been there. In October of 2007, Dr. Gery Sutton, a 56-year-old family physician, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. His wife Christine was his full time caregiver at home for three years, he spent 15 months in a nursing home and died December 24, 2011 at age 60. Her book honestly addresses the feelings of caregivers, and places caregivers on an equal footing. The book’s title, derived from something her husband did late in his illness, symbolizes Christine’s struggle to accept the mental deterioration and death of the man she loved. “There is meaning, even in a pile of garbage,” she says. “You just have to look for it.”

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